Thursday, August 31, 2006

Little Athletics

Another Thursday night spent down at the old Pony bar. And if I had been unimaginative in choosing a venue then this was more than made up for by the nights second band, Go Genre Everything. These crazy kids play music that, as their name subtly alludes, was confused and erratic. Their second song in was played very much in the style of Do Make Say Think i.e. repeated, surging guitar melody playing counterpoint to a complex bass line, but their very next song was a loud, fast and utterly dreadful clamour of punk, rock and noise. They offhand manner in which they played this completely eclectic blend of musical bombast completely won me over. Furthermore I have never seen a band so completely unpretentious. They weren’t afraid to wear shabbyclothing or to banter at length onstage in a painful, boorish manner. So, Go Genre Everything.

The first band that played were the Bright Yellow Doors. They played their rock and roll music in the old rollicking style. They sounded a bit like the Kings of Leons or the QOTSA. (Good, I managed to save some valuable internet space there though at the expense of clarity if you didn’t decipher the acronym) But I was pretty impressed with this band because their music, if not it’s fashion was actually pretty innovative. This will be a band who I will not actively be avoiding in the coming years. (A high achievement by anyones books.)

It seems as if the headline of the night show was Dane Certificate. This probably (though I’ll never really know) wasn’t justified. He was just a man, with a guitar and a bass drum. What could he do with it, you may well ask. Well, as you would expect. I decided to leave after the second song.

Before I did leave the Pony that night, in favour of spending some quality time watching quizmaster, the Little Athletics played their set. I liked them but in a rare display of autonomy in these matters my friend, A did not. I argued that though they’re music was derivative and though the songwriting was poor it was overshadowed by the quality of their musicianship. He argued that virtuosity is irrelevant to musical merit and that my position was in conflict both to reason and to my own opinions, claiming I just liked them because they were girls. He was probably right on this but whatever, I still liked them.


Blogger ManicLovely said...

Ok, the next time I decide to start a talentless all-girl band then I'l know who to invite:)

3:55 PM  
Blogger James said...

Great, just look good and hold your instruments.
You know I heard the Young Professionals have broken up. Now i have a broken heart.

The smiley face was appreciated.

8:05 AM  
Anonymous gge said...

What an interesting combination of intense sarcasm and heart-felt appreciation.
It seems rather unusual to Go Genre Everything that rather less than sometimes they are referenced to as being confused or erratic, which seems to imply a serious lack of self awareness and other perjoratives.

Luckily there are plenty of folk alive today who are clearly disagreeing with that particular analysis.
On the other hand the descriptors used might be enthusiastic attempts to express the sense of freedom and creativity which are part of the Go Genre Everything modus operandi.

Also one has to wonder about the idea of the definition of boorish.
Usually I find that Boorish is rather akin to loutishnes and the way in which the exceptionally dull use power dynamic to control the conversation and focus it apon the exceptionally tedious.

In one sense then, any amplified music group or even any loud music performance might be considered boorish,if one didn't like it.

Anybody speaking on a loud speaker becomes boorish if they are dull.

So what we have here is a person who for complex and personal reasons liked a certain performance because actually they didn't like it and that felt somehow good?

Is that what the situation is?

As I recall most of the go genre everything banter consisted of thankyous, oh yeahs and some quiet private chat about what song to play next.

Just not charming enough I suppose.

7:43 PM  
Blogger James said...

Hello Go Genre Everything.
Thankyou so much for your comment, the first I've recieved from a band, it's very much appreciated.

As to the first point you made, you were right the second time. I was indicating that your music appears confused and erratic. Justified by the pretty chaotic mixture of your dynamics and style. But this observation was in no way meant to be taken negatively.
As you rigorously described above it was really was an "enthusiastic attempt to express the sense of freedom and creativity which are part of the Go Genre Everything modus operandi."

I had thought this was reasonably clear since predictability in music is something I (and thus I assume everyone) absolutely cannot abide. Rereading my review I can see how you may have derived the opinion I was talking disparagingly from the choice of such words as "noise", "bombast" and most tellingly "utterly dreadful clamour".

I assure you these were meant favourably.

As for implying a lack of self awareness, I had thought it reasonably evident that a band would have to be either really good or incredibly bad to play like you do and I trusted the reader to choose the former.

Now it seems that you took serious offense to my disparagement of your onstage banter. Again I meant no real offense just indicating how you differ from pretentious bands that carefully avoid all concessions such as talking onstage and audience interaction.

As for the use the word boorish, I can see from your considered response above that the identification of this word with loutishness with you is invalid. I cheerfully withdraw.

I was at the time recalling a few dullish remarks which though perhaps being made quietly to each other were yet audible and a little distracting to the atmosphere. But in reviewing you have to pick at nits, writing about something as subjective and intangible as music is hard. I'd hardly have anything to write about if I didn't speak irrelevently and i dare say boorishly on occasion myself.

But if your most serious cause for complaint is that I labelled you as such, then you've gotten off pretty lightly. I've been much harsher on other bands reviewed when the smell of blood is in the air.

So thanks again, I do look forwards to hearing back from you and seeing you play at future events.

6:38 AM  
Anonymous gge said...

Yes indeed.
Gotten off lightly, oh yeah tell me about it,

On second thought and twice looked, 't could seem oh so easily that the uptight prissy go genre everything needed to run and go waaa to their selfrighteousness.

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7:25 PM  
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