Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sodastream - A Review?

So yes, it has been notably quiet here of late. And though I use that term, notable it is doubtful that you sir, have indulged to give this fact consideration. At least one possible extenuation, for me may spring to mind, being that it is so near the conclusion of the study year. To this I acknowledge a small concession but far more plausible is the reason you have already settled upon, viz. I have fallen foul of that terrible affliction known as sloth. These past months have seen less updates on the site then even the champion of inertia, Ben himself would dare to permit. To this there has been mounting within me the awful reproach of having left these vital posts unwritten. Well what then, more posting? I shrink to make such a promise lest that dreadful malaise strikes me once more, but nonetheless I shall essay these coming months to endure it.

Of course writing more is one thing and one upon which little effort may be expended. No the difficulty lies in the germ of writing. These are not easily came by and if my efforts lead but to more posts in the spirit of the previous then there is no hope. Another such scrap however will not be this review. It has been over a month since I saw the band, Sodastream and then promised to report and promptly. But I couldn’t do it. During that interval I have made numerous sallies in this purpose but have achieved nothing further than this retarded MS Paint picture.

I just don’t have much to say for the band. I arrived at the show unpardonably late though still warmly received by the friends I so carelessly affronted. After the terrific haste I had made to arrive after work I sadly could managed only a couple of fortifying brews to help overcome my initial discomfiture. On this would I ask the reader to think me no drunkard but for the fact that by the absurdly relaxed criteria this word holds I must confess it.

Well, how for some more preliminary remarks? Sodastream consist of two musicians though on the night I am supposed to right now be addressing they entertained a third. Guitar, double bass and drums for the trine. What of it, then? Dear reader, I must beg your indulgence for some time more. You have come here now perhaps after a long-regretted “sodastream” google search or perhaps from another less inconsequential blog site. Perhaps indeed you have been here before. The point to be made is that though I may in appearance seem to be desperately stalling in reality I am with true literary virtuosity setting the scene for what will undoubtedly be a climactic and insightful review.

So then, the Sodastream show was satisfactory. Some of their songs were rather beautiful, some were rather dull. A key problem I believe was my complete unfamiliarity with their material before the night but this is hardly an excuse as almost all the bands I review here are previously unknown to me. But they just didn’t make me feel it, if you follow. Of course their are mitigating circumstances; firstly it was held at the Corner hotel leaving little opportunity for the intimacy so vital to indie/acoustic bands further I was little predisposed to hear music that night being still flustered as I mentioned far earlier. Sodastream played a tight show displaying deft musicianship and competent songwriting but it was not anything spectacular or evidently remarkable.


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